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"Landscaping designs, kitchen designs: House & Garden Design UK is ideal for people who are designing, remodelling, renovating, or redecorating any part of their home or garden, are surrounded by choice and need some sound advice."


House & Garden Design UK have received many generous testimonials, two of which are listed below. Satisfied customers are our best recommendation.

"It is so easy to go along with a design that looks right and somehow lose the whole point of renovating ------will it all be better to live in?... will there be enough accessible storage?...Will there be areas that we never use but looked nice in the plans? ... How can we achieve easy outdoor living?... will there be enough, or too much light?.......Your logical plans to achieving the best solutions are just what I need." Maggie Wells, Wellington.

Rather than just simply looking at what we like, Gayle showed us what we need. " Dougal MacIntyre, Ayrshire, Scotland.

You want your home to look good and feel great. You need interior design that works with sustainable garden design. How do you find a designer who can help you, on-line or on-site?

It is hard to find an interior designer you can work with, more difficult still to find professional garden designers. With House & Garden Design UK you get both. Gayle Souter-Brown is relatively unique in that she has studied and worked in both disciplines; she saw the similarities and decided to introduce a sustainable, integrated Gardens & Interiors Design service to Surrey and Hampshire.

If you are

  • Looking for plans for a country garden?
  • In need of an updated town garden design?
  • Looking for someone to hold your hand as you choose your interior design colour scheme?
  • In need of a (re)design of your garden to suit your needs, your home's interior, the local environment and your lifestyle?
  • Wanting a designer who can make decisions and project manage for you?

1. Contact us for an obligation-free discussion of your needs.

2. Save time and money. Integrated home and garden design will match your needs with the landscape. You can then develop the area over time, or as soon as contractors can start.

3. Gayle Souter-Brown works as an architect does – works through the design process of consultation, confirmation of the brief, development of concept plans, further consultation and then development of outline plans for gardening designs to suit your home's interior. Planting plans, fabric swatches and wholesale plants delivered to your door are all part of the service. Gayle will find competent, competitive contractors for you, project manage the entire job to ensure plans are developed to specification, or give you the plans to develop yourself. It's up to you.

4. Gayle designs sustainable, life-affirming spaces to help you get the most from your house and garden.

5. As a professional designer Gayle Souter-Brown will work within your budget, developing your dreams to practical look good, feel great reality, to enhance your life today and your home's re-sale value tomorrow.

To learn more about how Gayle Souter-Brown can help with sustainable garden design, plant your garden for climate change, design for outdoor living, home staging for a quick sale or just to get some ideas to adapt your home to your lifestyle, click on the link below. If you need help with any aspect of your home's interior design, again, please contact House & Garden Design UK.

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